Tributes & Donations

As a complementary part of the service P.G. Oxley Ltd provide, we work with our partner Love2Dontate to create a memorial and tribute page in memory of your loved one and to provide a means for friends, family and colleagues to leave tributes and make donations to any charities you may wish to support.

Once donation payments are made, the donation goes directly to the charity – saving time and cutting costs for them.  Donations were possible are also linked to the UK Gift-Aid scheme, making an automatic additional amount of funding available to the good cause subject to eligibility.

If you wish details of the funeral arrangements such as date, times and location are also displayed if required allowing people to pay their own personal respects to your loved one.

If you have questions about this service, then please call us or call in and speak to the staff at one of our three local offices.

To access the Love2Donate pages to leave your own tribute, donate or check details of an upcoming funeral service please click the image below to continue: