Masonry & Memorials

Memorial headstones are a permanent tribute to your loved one, so we understand that people wish to choose carefully and have the opportunity to discuss the many options that are available.

We work closely with local stonemason Collins & Curtis who are experienced craftsmen and skilled in all aspects of masonry work.  Working in consultation with them we are able to offer an extensive range of memorial stones from traditional designs through to contemporary styles and all in a range of stone including marble, granite and limestone.

In addition to the provision of the memorial headstone itself our staff can liaise with the Church Authorities or Cemetery staff to ensure any local guidelines are met and all the administrative requirements are dealt with on your behalf.

We have further information available at each of our local offices in Walton, Frinton and Clacton that illustrate the styles and choices available.  Please call in if you would like to discuss any aspect in more detail.