Flowers & Floral Tributes 

Traditionally flowers and floral tributes are often used to allow people to express their sympathy at a time when feelings are difficult to put into words.

There are several excellent floristry businesses within the immediate area around our local offices and we are happy to discuss your preferences and wishes in relation to flowers with you and put you in direct contact with one of the talented local florists.  These specialists can cater for all budgets and a wide array of styles and designs, including very individualised tributes.

The following represent a selection of the styles available for consideration: 



Floral Spray

Traditional centrepiece of a funeral flower arrangement.



Frequently used as an expression of sympathy for centuries.



Often used in conjunction with seagrass or wicker coffins.



Letters can be arranged to form any word or name. 



Floral tribute symbolic of the affection felt for the deceased. 


Posies and baskets

Smaller floral tributes. 


Special tributes

A truly unique representation of the individual being commemorated.



Additionally, we can arrange specific requests such as family flowers only and also organise any alternative acts of remembrance you may wish to offer people to mark their respects.